Worked on getting everything connected this week ! Some troubleshooting with getting the arduino to read the photocell and getting the volume to work on the amp. Next up is working on programming the light to stay on more often than flickering off, and programming it to make 6 different sounds come from one speaker


It’s here…!

Our materials have all arrived ! Time to get to work…!


Materials include (left to right, top to bottom)

– barrel connector

– power supply

– black / white stranded-core wire

– 6 log-scale photocells

– power relay featherwing

– audio amplifier

Latest plans

no longer a conversation between electronic and analog components. Now instead of altering light with sound vibrations will be altering light with frequency of sound creating a flashing/dimming of LED (electronic components)

below are new sketches / WIP

Initial Prototypes

Early prototypes used for explanation of plan…

The piece constructed from two circular pieces is meant to hold a light bulb in the center and a speaker below (the vibrations from the sound then effecting the light projection). The fabric/mesh wire piece on the right is the surface that the projection will take place on. The mesh on the back is used for viewer interaction – the viewer changes the shape of the ‘screen’ to alter the sound and therefore alter the light. Creating a feedback loop between light and sound…a musical instrument powered by light…